Blade Runner (29th Anniversary Limited Edition) [2011]

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Blade Runner (29th Anniversary Limited Edition) [2011]

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ed2k: Vangelis.Blade.Runner.(29th.Anniversary.Limited.Edition).(4CDs).[2011.DCMusic.Pen...C-LOG-COVERS.rar  [1.72 Gb] [Stats]

• N O T F O R S A L E •


• D O N O T S U P P O R T E B A Y P I R A C Y •

█████████░ ░███ █████ █████████ ░█████████░
██████████ ░███ █████ ░█████████ ░█████████░
██████████ ████ ██████░ ███████████ ██████████░
░████ ░███ ████ ██████░ ████ ░████ ████░
████░ ░███ ░████ ███████░ ████ ████ ░████░
████ ████ ████░ ░███ ███░ ░███ ████ ████░░
██████████░ ████ ███░ ███░ ████ ████ █████████░
██████████ ████ ░███ ███░ ████ ████ █████████░
░███████████ ███░ ░█████████░ ░████ ░████ ████████░░
████ ████░░███ ██████████░ ████░ ████░░███░
████ ████░████ ░██████████░ ████ ████ ████░
░████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ████ ░███░ ████░
███████████░░███████████ ████░███████████ ░██████████░
███████████ ░██████████░ ████░██████████░ ░█████████░░
██████████░ ███████████░ ██████████████░ ██████████░

░████████░ ░███ ░███░ ███░ ░███ ░███ ███ █████████░ █████████░
██████████ ████ ░████ ████░ ░███ █████ ███ █████████░ ██████████░
██████████ ████ ████░ █████ ████ █████ ░███ ░█████████ ██████████░
████ ███ ░████ ████ █████ ███░ █████░ ████ ████░ ███░ ░███░
░████ ███ ░███░ ████ ░█████░░███ ██████ ████ ████ ░███ ░███░
████░ ░████ ████░ ░███░ ███████████ ░██████░███░ █████████ ████ ░████░
███████████ ████ ████ ███████████ ░██████████ █████████ ██████████░░
██████████░ ████ ████ ░██████████░ ███████████ ░█████████ ░██████████░
████████░ ███░ ░████ ████░██████ ████░█████░ ████ █████████░░
░███ ████░ ░███ █████ ████ ░█████ ░████ █████░ ████ ████ ████░
████ ░████ ████ ████░ ████ █████ ████░ █████ ████ ████ ░███░
████ ████ ████ ████ ███░ █████ ████ █████ ████░ ░░ ████ ████░
░████ ░████░███████████ ░███ ████░ ████ ████ ██████████ ░███░ █████░
████░ ░████ ██████████ ████ ░███ ███░ ████ ██████████ ████ █████░
░███░ ███░ ░████░░ ░███ ░░░ ███░ ░░░ █████████░ ░███ ░███░

Blade Runner (29th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Artist : Vangelis Title : Blade Runner
Label : DC Music / Pendor Type : Unofficial Release
Format : 4 X CDr Limited To : 8
Country : Europe Catalog : 990-69-47X/B71
Year : 2011 Rarity : *****
Genre : Electronic, Stage & Screen Interest : *****
Style : Soundtrack Sound Quality : *****


Informations :

Original music composed, arranged, performed and produced by Vangelis except
where noted.

Recorded at Nemo Studios, London, December 1981 to April 1982 except the new
music composed by Vangelis for the official 1994 release and for the Blade
Runner's 25th Anniversary in 2007.

Engineered by Bud Alper, DC, FrÚdÚrick Rousseau, Gerry Humphreys (Twickenham
Film Studios), Graham V. Hartstone (Pinewood Film Studios), Mireille
Landmann, Peter Pennel, Philippe Colonna, Pendor, Raine Hilson, Raine Shine,
Raphael Preston, Stephanie Lowry and Vangelis Saitis.

Digitally mastered by DC & Pendor.

This recording ® 1980 Spheric B.V. & Polydor Records, ® 1982 The Ladd
Company, Warner Bros. Communications Company & Polydor Records, ® 1989
Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Polydor Records & PolyGram International Music
B.V., ® 1991 The Ladd Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment Company & Polydor
Records, ® 1994 Warner Music UK Ltd. & PolyGram International Music B.V.,
® 1997 Westwood Studios, Inc., ® 2003 Universal International Music B.V.,
® 2007 The Ladd Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, Warner Bros.
Entertainment, Inc., Universal Music Operations Ltd. & EMI Music Publishing
UK Ltd.

BLADE RUNNER is a trademark owned by The Blade Runner Partnership.
Blade Runner ® 1982, 1991, 2007 The Blade Runner Partnership.

P & ® MMXI DC Music / Pendor. Some rights reserved. Made in the EU.
Set CN: 990-69-47X/B71 / DC Music CN: DC0412011 / Pendor CN: P-113|V ... se/3784778


Tracklist : Duration :

░▓ ▓░
░▓ Disc I ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ 01. The Ladd Company Fanfare 0.27 ▓░
░▓ 02. Main Titles & Prologue 2.37 ▓░
░▓ 03. Los Ángeles, November, 2019: Eye On The City 2.09 ▓░
░▓ 04. (Kowalski, Leon: Engineer, Waste Disposal...) ▓░
░▓ Leon's Voight-Kampff Test 2.40 ▓░
░▓ 05. Rain... Peals Of Thunder... ▓░
░▓ And Sounds Of A November Night 2.29 ▓░
░▓ 06. Up And Running 3.19 ▓░
░▓ 07. If I Didn't Care 3.07 ▓░
░▓ 08. Blimpvert 2.49 ▓░
░▓ 09. Mail From India 3.34 ▓░
░▓ 10. Damask Rose 2.34 ▓░
░▓ 11. Launch Approval 2.00 ▓░
░▓ 12. Los Ángeles, November, 2019: Spinner Ascent 1.50 ▓░
░▓ 13. The Blue Room 1.14 ▓░
░▓ 14. Flight To Tyrell Corporation 1.14 ▓░
░▓ 15. Deckard Meets Rachael 1.17 ▓░
░▓ 16. Deckard Meets Rachael [Reprise Version] 0.40 ▓░
░▓ 17. Rachael's Voight-Kampff Test (Dr. Tyrell's Owl) 2.49 ▓░
░▓ 18. Blush Response 5.02 ▓░
░▓ 19. Rachael's Song 4.38 ▓░
░▓ 20. On The Trail Of Nexus 6 4.08 ▓░
░▓ 21. Bicycle Riders 2.19 ▓░
░▓ 22. Mr. Chew's Laboratory 5.03 ▓░
░▓ 23. Perfume Ex¾tico 5.18 ▓░
░▓ 24. Memories Of Green 5.46 ▓░
░▓ 25. Blade Runner Blues [Full Length Version] 10.16 ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ Disc II ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ 01. Blade Runner Blues [Reprise Version]: Pris' Song 2.01 ▓░
░▓ 02. Pris Meets J.F. Sebastian 1.29 ▓░
░▓ 03. Sweet Solitude 6.59 ▓░
░▓ 04. Prelude To Deckard's Dream 1.18 ▓░
░▓ 05. Deckard's Dream 1.42 ▓░
░▓ 06. Thinking Of Rachael 1.49 ▓░
░▓ 07. Piano In An Empty Room 3.37 ▓░
░▓ 09. Leon's Room 2.24 ▓░
░▓ 09. Esper Machine Noises 0.34 ▓░
░▓ 10. Esper Analysis (Longing & Empty Streets) 7.06 ▓░
░▓ 11. Tales Of The Future [Demo Version] 5.31 ▓░
░▓ 12. Vadavarot 4.22 ▓░
░▓ 13. Animoid Row (The Market) 1.13 ▓░
░▓ 14. Qu'ran 3.50 ▓░
░▓ 15. Taffey's Snake Pit Bar 2.04 ▓░
░▓ 16. Salome's Dance 1.40 ▓░
░▓ 17. Dimitri's Bar 3.19 ▓░
░▓ 18. Blade Runner Blues [Reprise Version]: Zhora's Retirement 2.07 ▓░
░▓ 19. One More Kiss, Dear 3.59 ▓░
░▓ 20. Spotkanie Z Matka 5.23 ▓░
░▓ 21. Wait For Me 5.30 ▓░
░▓ 22. I Am The Business 1.30 ▓░
░▓ 23. I Dreamt Music ▓░
░▓ [Alternate Prelude To Love Theme Version] 2.28 ▓░
░▓ 24. I Dreamt Music [Alternate Love Theme Version] 5.55 ▓░
░▓ 25. One Alone 2.24 ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ Disc III ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ 01. Prelude To Love Theme 2.29 ▓░
░▓ 02. Love Theme [Demo Version] 4.58 ▓░
░▓ 03. Morning At The Bradbury 3.43 ▓░
░▓ 04. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Intro): ▓░
░▓ What Generation Are You? 1.23 ▓░
░▓ 05. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Prelude): ▓░
░▓ Will You Help Us? 1.11 ▓░
░▓ 06. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Interlude): ▓░
░▓ Elevator To Tyrell's Bedroom 0.42 ▓░
░▓ 07. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Postlude): ▓░
░▓ Queen To Bishop 6 0.49 ▓░
░▓ 08. The Prodigal Son Brings Death (Outro): ▓░
░▓ I Want More Life... Father 0.40 ▓░
░▓ 09. The Prodigal Son Brings Death [Demo Version] 4.09 ▓░
░▓ 10. No Expectation Boulevard 6.47 ▓░
░▓ 11. BR Downtown 2.34 ▓░
░▓ 12. Bradbury Apartments [Demo Version] 2.50 ▓░
░▓ 13. Dangerous Days 1.02 ▓░
░▓ 14. Roy Enters The Bradbury 1.15 ▓░
░▓ 15. Wounded Animals 10.57 ▓░
░▓ 16. Mechanical Dolls 2.56 ▓░
░▓ 17. Tears In Rain 2.44 ▓░
░▓ 18. Rachael Sleeps (Unveiled Twinkling Space) 2.06 ▓░
░▓ 19. Blade Runner (End Titles) [Full Length Version] 7.27 ▓░
░▓ 20. Keep Asking 1.31 ▓░
░▓ 21. 1981 Teaser Trailer 1.39 ▓░
░▓ 22. 1982 Theatrical Trailer 3.25 ▓░
░▓ 23. 1982 Tv Spot 0.31 ▓░
░▓ 24. 1992 Director's Cut Trailer 1.28 ▓░
░▓ 25. 2007 Final Cut Trailer 2.25 ▓░
░▓ 26. 2007 Dangerous Days Teaser Trailer 1.33 ▓░
░▓ 27. Sci-Fi And The Private Eye Trailer 1 ▓░
░▓ [1982 NBC's Radio Special] 0.30 ▓░
░▓ 28. Sci-Fi And The Private Eye Trailer 2 ▓░
░▓ [1982 NBC's Radio Special] 0.49 ▓░
░▓ 29. Sci-Fi And The Private Eye Trailer 3 ▓░
░▓ [1982 NBC's Radio Special] 0.52 ▓░
░▓ 30. 1982 Documentary Trailer [Promo Version] 1.16 ▓░
░▓ 31. 2000 Theatrical TV Spot ▓░
░▓ [Sci-Fi (Cable Television Channel)] 1.03 ▓░
░▓ 32. Blade Runner (End Titles) [Reprise Version] 0.52 ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ Disc IV ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ 01. The Ladd Company Fanfare [Workprint Version] 0.23 ▓░
░▓ 02. Main Titles & Prologue [Workprint Version] 0.37 ▓░
░▓ 03. Los Ángeles, November, 2019: ▓░
░▓ Spinner Ascent [Workprint Version] 1.51 ▓░
░▓ 04. Tears In Rain [Workprint Version] 1.54 ▓░
░▓ 05. On The Busy Los ┴ngeles Streets 1.22 ▓░
░▓ 06. Empty Streets 6.13 ▓░
░▓ 07. Tales Of The Future 4.51 ▓░
░▓ 08. Blade Runner Blues 9.03 ▓░
░▓ 09. Desolation Path 5.50 ▓░
░▓ 10. Dr. Tyrell's Death 3.21 ▓░
░▓ 11. Deckard And Roy's Duel 6.17 ▓░
░▓ 12. Tears In Rain [Alternate Spoken Version] 3.19 ▓░
░▓ 13. Blade Runner (End Titles) [1989 Version] 4.58 ▓░
░▓ 14. The Ladd Company Fanfare [Original Version] 0.25 ▓░
░▓ 15. Main Titles [1994 Version] 3.48 ▓░
░▓ 16. Leon's Interrogation 1.30 ▓░
░▓ 17. Fading Away 3.16 ▓░
░▓ 18. Blade Runner (End Titles) [1994 Version] 4.38 ▓░
░▓ 19. The Ladd Company Fanfare [Final Cut Version] 0.26 ▓░
░▓ 20. While Sitting At The White Dragon 0.50 ▓░
░▓ 21. Longing 1.55 ▓░
░▓ 22. Tyrell Security Protocol 2.57 ▓░
░▓ 23. To Sebastian's Apartments 2.26 ▓░
░▓ 24. Tears In Rain [1994 Version] 3.03 ▓░
░▓ 25. Blade Runner (End Titles) [2003 Version] 4.11 ▓░
░▓ 26. The End 0.19 ▓░
░▓ ▓░
░▓ ▓░


Comments :

This is the story of one half and another half and their undisputed passion
for a much bootlegged soundtrack and how they came to speak to each other
without ever using once their outdated mobile phones. Video phones are still
too far from domestic usage though it will be the default in a not so distant
future, but letÆs the story begin.

There were once two most peculiar peers, one half and another half. One being
as accurate as he could almost get, we will call him DC, and the other half
even more perfectionist as the other would not have never thought of being
and his name was Pendor. One of them used to use the latest generation of
mobile phones on the market, the other is the last one to use that technology
in mobile phonesà and both are veryà but very deaf indeed.
DC usually utilizes the latest in software & hardware technology, however
Pendor is the last human being using prehistoric software & hardware, and
some even claim to have seen him using a legendary Commodore 64 (but probably
it is only a legend).
Another legend says that DC is more good and kind than Lassie, and Pendor
also resembles to the famous TV dog (but when the dog had contracted rabies).
Also the mental health of both has been put in serious doubt (but that was
many years before this project).

It is the first time that it has been used electronics specially designed for
the restoration and remastering of the "Soundtrack Outtakes" precisely the
"Pendor Processor BR-101", built with some very old components or as old as
the age of their own preferred film (Blade Runner n.d.r.).
They both grew up with compact cassettes but later converted to the new
religion of the colder digital format being disillusioned with the
limitations of tape cassettes when the improvements in fidelity were clearly
audible and the tradeoff much more bearable.
Two half hackers unsusceptible to repentance, not even attempting to make a
charade out of a full grown one for the sake of what they seem to like best:
reverse-sound-engineering their preferred soundtrack. We hope that that wonÆt
bother you much and if it slightly pleases you they will surely appreciate.

Pendor is a most peculiar and determined peer. They say he uses the mobile
as a phone only. No games to pass the time, big keys to better type SMS
messages, no internet connection to receive notifications from social
networks where he is pretty invisible as far as they might be concerned,
neither watching movies on tiny screens or listening to music with cheap
earphones. He tends to use one of that old fashioned compact disc WalkmanÆs
quite popular in the previous century of which he is still quite fond of.
He does not like at all listening to the latest compressed and portable
music formats (as it seems to be latest trend) and the word referring to it
does not even exist in his vocabulary.
We do not need to know much of his whereabouts. Only thing you want to know
is that he decided and settled that english language was something for rich
tourists going abroad when it comes to ask directions or asking out ladies
that will always say yes to everybody with green paper slips in big leather
They say he still owns a mobile from 2002 and still proud to use it. It does
what it is supposed to do as far he is concerned.
DC is a most peculiar peer too, at times he has some bright idea but not so
fortunate perhaps. When his old mobile phone broke (and was asked double the
price for a new one just for a glimpse by the qualified and expert
personnel), he immediately fancied a replacement in black and white as he
always had possibly. Not much need for color graphics to dial a combination
of numbers as a matter of fact.
The shop assistant only smiled quite amused at such request since she was
little when she first heard the beeping of mobile phones of her mother.
Ten years ago mobile phones were completely a different world.
Black and white displays were on their way to become obsolete by then and
color displays are the default standard on every phone in these days.
To cut the story short he now owns a newer generation mobile phone even if
he only texts messages and calls back the numbers on his address book when
he is not fiddling and messing with his computers if their planned
obsolescence is not striking as thunderbolts from above and beyond on
whatever he is doing, and not distracted from a tiny grab-attentions-brat
who keeps stealing all his toys and asking questions on most things she
cannot quite grasp the meaning yet.
He also tried to exchange his telephone number with the helpful shop
assistant having overcome some difficulties of the first approach at that
point, but even if she was engaged and assured her he was not a jealous guy,
she never called back and he's still looking for his other half ever since,
but that is another story. Would that have been the lucky chance to actually
settle up we might have not heard of him at all in this story. But that's
the problem with most peers: they want what they can't have and don't want
what they can have.
Back to our story, we might definitely state they live on quite the opposite
sides of the oceans but they learnt to communicate via online translators in
that very same language used by rich tourists when going abroad.
They had the same peculiarities about mobile phones and quite a few
interests to share when it was mutually settled to help each other in
leaving something to the growing and ageing peers alike. Not because they
wanted some not-so-honest people and their grey bussiness to flourish (eBuy),
but to leave something they believe it would have been only fair for other
peers to have.
What they were given they gave back, sometimes fixing it and sometimes not.
What was not given they could not possibly fix nor give back. If you help
other people achieve their goals, theyÆll help you achieve yours. And so it
The motto of 'The 29th Anniversary Team' has been "Let everyone have access
to all, rather than a few have access to a lot" which means they support
enlightment rather than elite-nment, but you all know that.

DC is a most industrious-but-not-so-organized hacker working overnight. He
always dreamt of starting a 29th Anniversary edition since day two when he
had found out like-minded individuals sharing his same interests on some
obscure and most infamous digital ôplazasö a year earlier. Being a most
ruthless but honest hacker he pretty stole few patents about what it might
have been the proper thing to do, Donnor & 1187 Hunterwasser came definitely
first; Anita & Anson were the next on the list to be notified, and a very
talentuous hacker named Zyzz (with whom he keeps exchanging plans and
opinions) being the last but not least on a list that started from some
mysterious guys better known as the FIC Trust., Esper Team(s) Inc.,
Bradbury Producers, detectives in Grey Fedora hats, 2019 Makers Ltd., Off
World Editors and EMS archaeologists (where he pretty made his bones).
He got permissions when asked very politely, and trying a different approach,
(and also copying the different approaches on the same subject),
reverse-sound-engineering after reverse-sound-engineering and several missed
night sleeps he eventually (even if not finally) come out with something.

This half was not having sufficient night sleeps at the time (which should
have been mandatory) and took the bad habit of fixing (making more
appropriate if you like) most of the more obscure versions he was having...
and since he owned nearly close to nothing (compared to what he has piled to
date) the "LMS", "Ultimate" and "Tapes Collection" were conceived to fix
what he was having at the time.
The trouble, as you might see, came when he started having more versions of
the soundtrack and eventually proper night sleeps... By this time it emerged
he was not the only one "left" in those obscure and most infamous
whereabouts (FFShrine and Yahoo)... damn hackers working overtime... and lot
more contrived to make the matter diverse and more complicated...

At some point he finally balanced his fragmented collection of minutes to
finish this thing off and what was supposed to be only a joke of something
known as 20th Anniversary turned into something different.

When asked his answer was always: ôvery soonö, more in the fashion of
politicians when asked to do anything, but definitely more determined to
honor his words compared to the formers. Would he not have kept his promises
he might have become a politician with plenty of those green paper slips.

The final drafts of the masters were at some re-shipped to a different host
because of the annoying Stop Online Piracy Act acts... Further changes were
discussed; better sources were in some cases considered... and what was
originally intended as a "parody" (for the better and no more than that
really) of the original 20th Anniversary edition was finished in December
2011, and used only as a workprint for the changes needed to make it better.
Plenty of changes actually. Spare time seemed to be quite on a wish list
back then, (it still is), but as it is his intention, he will see into
posting that rough version during his lifetime if possible.

The 20th Anniversary was a mixture of the Off World edition and the official
1994 edition of the soundtrack without taking into account the huge
difference in quality between them. On The 29th Anniversary something was
done to even out the differences but they would not count on
near-perfect-quality for the 29th Anniversary.
That is something residing somewhere in someone's other drawers (and at the
correct pitch too), so quality was not much an issue in its initial stage.
At least same quality of the official 25th Anniversary sources and
almost-perfect-but-not-quite quality for the rest of the unreleased cues on
the Off World edition and front and rear audio channels leaked from the
speeded up (compared to the original NTSC) PAL movie digital versatile discs.

And that was when the other half slipped into our story.

Pendor is a most industrious and dangerous hacker too. Stubborn to the point
of being right even if the other is not wrong. What one half has started
this other half has seen for the better, most he has started the one half
has made him changing, what the one half has changed the other half has
The other half did a terrific job in giving all the cues a more polished
touch... he always had a more objective approach as a whole, while the first
half got lost in the making we have to admit.
What they have re-made they have changed over time.
What it was decided in time it was inevitably changed again at the last
Not an easy thing to settle up on something when both are wanting to achieve
what they think it might be best thing to do but you might want to check
that part of the story for yourself hopefully.
To cut the story short after months of turning round the same tails to make
it as perfect as they could get they eventually settled up on something in
between, the best of both worlds we might say, and what they have started it
was finally finished.

He wished to add better edits of the less good sources where the EMS Team
had stopped digging and things were turned into something different. Like
it has happened when compiling the infamous EMS, time helped smoothing out
lot of discrepancies between the sources and adding extra details by the day.
Attention to problems went to matter more than solutions to those problems.

What they ended up doing together was making what it was intended as a quick
and dirty here-you-have-it-all-Blade-Runner-soundtrack-related in a single
package into something better.

In a way the 29th Anniversary is the closest attempt to a die-hard
collector's dream come true with all the wealth of informations
most-if-not-all-blade-runner-related and the more-purist collectors will
inevitably find that redundant. If both will be quite pleased (as they are
hoping) they achieved their goal.

Even if it should have been released in 2011, with its official release
stretching to 2012 it might have easily changed name to 30th Anniversary,
but since they did most of the work in 2011 they are getting along with the
original 29th Anniversary name.

After inevitably adding new edits and ideas when one half was working on the
cues for The Tapes Collection, LMS, Ultimate MR2, Chinatown and EMS, time
after time it grew bigger. The 29th Anniversary was actually being half of
the project while the rest was the more cinematic approach of the EMS
Japanese disc experiments. It was almost radically re-worked to the point
that it really turned into a 30th Anniversary edition at some point, (being
only for the sake of not changing also the artworks again... and the
a-bit-too-obvious-hence-dangerous similarities with the new re-edition of
their much loved movie...)
By sheer chance sequences of the workprint version of movie materialized...
and they had to sort that out as well. Other changes were made to the
trailers and the logo music... lots of changes... the proper credits were
compiled, corrected and then re-compiled... it was just details and checking
if they could get any better than they did after that. The important bits
are eventually finished it seems... the rest will have to wait until the
30th Anniversary, (unless the composer himself will opt for a more official
30th Anniversary of which most likely us common peers might not surely or
immediately grasp the inner sequenced-and-edited meaning...)

So not to generate confusion both halves agreed to post the final output
first and the files originally intended for it at a later date. You won't
notice much of a difference anyway... except that the original concept
consisted of nine discs perhaps...
You're not that blade-runner-soundtrack-crazy are you?
Not to the point of bidding half their likely wage on a counterfeit copy on
an auction weÆre hoping (eBuyers). Are you?

This is where they have got so far anyway. The rest of the story is what you
will be listening to if that pleases you.

DC was lastly seen in a quiet dutch coffee shop enjoying the surroundings
thanks to a forged ID cardà Pendor was recognized on a not so crowded beach
at a worldÆs end with a nice view on the south pole.
They swear not to want to hear of each other after what they have been
through after all these months but they are probably still bitching about
most things and happy to uncover what all have been waiting for.

The last thing you want to know is that they lived happily and ate

The 29th Anniversary Team


Disclaimer :

This is a private release and is not licenced for public sale. All rights of
the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved. Unauthorized
copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this work

This is a fan-work and not for profit. All copyrights belong to their
respective owners. No copyright infringement intended.


Notes :

Rick Deckard is back. His job: to retire "human specials" known as ebuyers.
Not for sale: do not support eBuy piracy. ...

We would like to remind that you should not make profit off what it is not
your own. The reason to be of this private release is for a better archival
purpose only. Be responsible in giving back what you had for free.
Consider sharing back what was shared of old if you care.
We are only left with what we share eventually. The more accurately (read
properly) the better for the peers-to-be.

Needless to remind to decompress to WAV first (preferred).
Cue sheet with CD-Text info is included (suggested).
Multiple WAV Files With Gaps (Noncompliant) if you know your tools.
Burn at 4x speed (always) with no pause between tracks otherwise.


Thanks :

Yahoo! Blade Runner Soundtrack Group ... oundtrack/
Final Fantasy Shrine Forums

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