Indonesian SF

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Indonesian SF

Postby zeepokje on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:43 pm


Last year I did my MA research on SF in Indonesia. My professor, specialized in South-East Asia, said there was no Indonesian SF. Another professor said the same. I even twittered John Scalzi if he knew any and he didn't. Search the WWW and it will tell you there is no or at least not many Indonesian SFs.
But that's not really interesting.. What is interesting is that during my research I actually did find Indonesian SF!
There are a few movies on Youtube I plan on dl'ing and converting into .avi. Is anyone interested in these movies? They don't have subtitles so it's just picture watching for those who don't speak Bahasa Indonesia (like myself.. Can order beer and tell you I love you but thats the end of it). Maybe there is someone out there who is willing to create some nice subtitles for the movies?
Second thing is.. Indonesian SF is, from our point of view, probably closer related to Horror than SF. Should I then, if anyone is interested, post them in scifi-donkey or dead-donkey?
Have some Indonesian SF novels as well, but again.. they're in Indonesian. You can copy/paste them into GoogleTranslate or something and get a feeling for the novels but as far as I'm aware there are no English translations available. (If there are..please contact me!)

I also have an Indonesian horror movie "The Real Pocong" which, when watched outside in an Indonesian jungle after drinks, was pretty scary AND has English subtitles. If interested, I'll post it on dead-donkey after my gf's PC is fixed (I only have an EEEPC901 without an external DVD-player.. add to that I have the 16GB XP version and you'll understand why I cry myself to sleep every night).

Ok..Lemme know...

the SF movies include Superman rip-offs and a story about a woman who kills men with her vagina. :moon:
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