Can anyone help with this one?

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Can anyone help with this one?

Postby Omusagoma on Sun Aug 10, 2008 1:40 pm

I'm looking for the name and (hopefully) a source for a movie. I have only one strong and some vague recollections of it to go by.

I believe it would probably be a 60's vintage. My strong recollection is of some of the bad guys in it. They got around in these large black capes or coats and if they didn't like you they wrapped it around you and I think shrunk you down to about 6-8inches high. From memory they didn't speak at all but were the 'enforcers' or 'muscle' for the real bad guys.

My vague recollections are that it was set on Earth sometime in the future and the plot may loosely have involved these baddies kidnapping key people (scientists and the like) for some purpose that I can't recall.

That's all I've got... thanks
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