way out on a limb

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way out on a limb

Postby b2ux on Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:28 pm

im going way out on a limb here but these are whats left that i would like to add to my collection that i cannot seem to get ahold of any one feel like shareing them if ya got em :)

After the Game (1997) aka The Last Hand (1997)
The Arena (2001)
Amazon Warrior (1998)
Basic Training (1985)
Caged Heat 3000 (1995)
CHEECH AND CHONG Perform-Perform Again (1978)
Deadly Reactor (1989)
Desert Warrior (1988)
Empire of Ash 2 (1988)
Empire of Ash III (1989)
Fighter Squadron (1948)
Fire Fight (1988)
Future Hunters (1986)
Max Hell Frog Warrior (2002)
Naked Angels (1969)
Nomad Riders (1981)
On Any Sunday II (1981)
Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1984)
She-Devils on Wheels (1968)
Side Car Racers (1975)
Survival Zone (1983)
Take It to the Limit (1980)
Terror at Baxter U (2003)
Things Change (1988)
Time Troopers (1985)
Toad Warrior (1996)
Viva Knievel! (1977)
Warriors of the Apocalypse (1985)
Where Time Began (1977)
Wild Rebels (1967)
Zone 39 (1996)

this is a list of movies i am storeing if you need anything put up let me know i can add it there are lots of 70's and 80's post apocalyptic and sexploitation movies on there, those are what i go after the most there my fav movies :)
with the execption of knowing 2009 damn aliens ruined it :)
anyhoo links below for the list of movies i have
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