Star Wars Legacy of the Force Audio Books [Request]

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Star Wars Legacy of the Force Audio Books [Request]

Postby voiceofrevolt on Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:16 pm


I am looking for all the Star Wars Legacy of the Force audio books.

The Legacy of the Force is a series of nine science fiction novels set in the Star Wars fictional universe from 40 ABY to an unspecified time. The series was written by Troy Denning, Aaron Allston and Karen Traviss.

Plot synopsis

The Corellian system, unhappy with the leadership of the Galactic Alliance, secedes. While the GA attempts to bring Corellia back into the fold, other systems follow Corellia's lead. Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Jacen Solo believes he has the potential to defeat the threat and unify the galaxy. His methods draw the ire of his uncle Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Council, leading to a rift in the Jedi Order. Over the course of the nine books, the GA, the Jedi, Jacen, Corellia, the Imperial Remnant, and several other factions all vie for power, leading to a confrontation that will dramatically reshape the future of the galaxy.

A side-plot involves Boba Fett's family issues, leadership of the Mandalorians, and role in the galactic conflict.

Entries (40 ABY)

* Betrayal by Aaron Allston (Hardcover - released on May 30th, 2006)
* lines by Karen Traviss (Released on August 29th, 2006)
* Tempest by Troy Denning (Released on November 28th, 2006)
* Exile by Aaron Allston (Released on February 27th, 2007)
* Sacrifice by Karen Traviss (Hardcover - released on May 29th, 2007)
* Inferno by Troy Denning (Released on August 28th, 2007)
* Fury by Aaron Allston (Released on November 27th, 2007)
* Revelation by Karen Traviss (Released on February 26th, 2008)
* Invincible by Troy Denning (Hardcover - released on May 13, 2008)
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