PDF - How to Scan/OCR/Make PDFs

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PDF - How to Scan/OCR/Make PDFs

Postby mw2merc on Wed Aug 04, 2004 7:06 am

Before :matrix: d0c or anyone else goes off on a rant on how this has nothing to do with Sci-Fi, neither does eMule. Anyways ...

I need a PDF (prefered) on good ways to scan for PDFs, use OCR when scanning or in Acrobat (reliably), & use Acrobat to make good PDFs that have indexes & all that good $#!+. I know how to do most of it well, but I need verified techniques. Links to helper apps would be good too.

Anyone have a link for this one?
PDF Enhancer 2.5 from http://www.apago.com

Or a good website would do too. TIA!!! :twisted:

Taken from MR2's scan thread on ShareConnector:

Change file date to Copyright/publication date using:
ed2k: PropertiesPlus.1.65.W9xNT.exe  [225.6 Kb] [Stats]

Use the following program/method to remove security from PDF files.
ed2k: Advanced.PDF.Password.Recovery.2.12.Pro.Sn.txt  [36 Bytes] [Stats]
ed2k: Advanced.PDF.Password.Recovery.2.12.Pro.rar  [716.1 Kb] [Stats]

[ Add all 3 links to your ed2k client ]
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