Battlestar Galactica (1978)

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Battlestar Galactica (1978)

Postby swallis7 on Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:24 am

Could someone please reshare these TV Rips, I've got them half downloaded and the sources are mostly gone. Thank you.

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x04.-.lost.planet.of.the.gods.(part.1).xvid.avi  [350.18 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x06.-.the.lost.warrior.xvid.avi  [350.42 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x07.-.the.long.patrol.xvid.avi  [350.12 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.73 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.80 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x10.-.the.magnificent.warriors.xvid.avi  [350.39 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x11.-.the.young.lords.xvid.avi  [349.08 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.44 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.36 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.07 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x15.-.war.of.the.gods.(part.1).xvid.avi  [350.96 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x16.-.war.of.the.gods.(part.2).xvid.avi  [350.97 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [305.11 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.77 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k:  [350.05 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x21.-.baltars.escape.xvid.avi  [350.48 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x23.-.take.the.celestra.xvid.avi  [350.55 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: battlestar.galactica.-.1x24.-.the.hand.of.god.xvid.avi  [350.39 Mb] [Stats]

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