Before Requesting...

Request reshares. Just put the filename in the subject, and the hash in the message body

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Before Requesting...

Postby spudthedestroyer on Mon Apr 19, 2004 7:53 am

Before Requesting a Reshare
  • Use the board Search
  • Use the inbuilt emule search

When Requesting a Reshare
  • Do not use REQ: tags (or "Please:", "Looking for...", etc.)
  • In topic title don't use upper case
  • Don't request something that isn't out or doesn't exist yet
  • Do not offer trades. If you try and trade I'll request for a ban, don't do it! If you have something to share, then share.
  • Do not bump your topic
  • If a reshare was already requested, use the existing topic
  • Keep the topic title simple, "Title (Year)" works best
  • Only VITAL information should be contained in the thread title; all additional data should be posted in the body of the message
  • Always post the hash of the file you want reshared (preferably as a working eD2k link)
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