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Nazi UFOs-German Tesla Anti-Gravity&Free Energy Program(

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:36 pm

Nazi UFOs: How They Fly - The German Tesla Anti-Gravity And Free Energy Program (2004) is another in the "33rd Parallel" series of DVDs and videos by writer, producer and director Paul Scarzo. The series deals with many interesting topics, such as suppressed science, government conspiracies, and top-secret PSY-OPS (psychological operations) designed to control and mislead the public.
In 3rd and final part of this particular series, Scarzo interviews researcher and author William R. Lyne, whose personal background includes having served in the Army-Air Force as well as writing several books that espouse the non-extraterrestrial theory of UFOs, books such as "Pentagon Aliens" and "Ether Physics." Lyne has lived for the past several years in New Mexico, and has developed intelligence contacts at Los Alamos, the secret facility where much of this country's most classified military research is being conducted.
Ever heard of the concept of Free Energy? What the term means is the ability to generate more energy than was expended to create that energy in the first place. Or, in other words, to create powerful, usable energy virtually out of nothing. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, it should be literally impossible to do so. But Lyne doesn't let something like Einstein stand in his way as he recounts the history of maverick inventor Nikola Tesla's pioneering efforts to create just the kind of Free Energy device capable of powering the manmade flying saucers Lyne believes the Nazis operated before, during and after World War II.
As Lyne says in "Nazi UFOs: How They Fly," when Tesla offered his new experimental technology to the U.S. government, they turned him down flat, believing he was quite insane. It was at that point that the Germans sent in a covert operative to cultivate Tesla's friendship and bring Tesla's device to the aid of the Nazi military effort in the years shortly before the war. Nazi rocket genius Werner Von Braun took Tesla's technological breakthrough and applied it for use in a saucer-shaped aircraft that could fly by way of an energy that was ten to the fortieth power stronger than the gravitational field, making the aircraft capable of unbelievable speeds and maneuvering.
Why was this technology kept secret after the war ended? Lyne says it was because it would render obsolete so many mainstays of our world economy, including our dependence on fossil fuels and our outmoded forms of transportation. So the alien explanation, what is often called "the extraterrestrial hypothesis," was slowly leaked to the public through a long-term disinformation campaign to maintain the cover-up of technologies that would have set our econommy on its ear.
Lyne and Scarzo cover a great deal of ground in "Nazi UFOs: How They Fly." They explain the technical workings of much of this technology, a large part of which might be called "hidden in plain sight." For instance, the simple meters on which your electricity usage is recorded each month contain hidden Free Energy devices that the two describe in detail. There is even a compass system shown during the interview that was believed to have been used by the Nazi flying saucer pilots. Lyne obtained the compass when the classified device was mistakenly sold to a New Mexico scrap dealer.
Those are the kinds of stories that make "Nazi UFOs: How They Fly" so thoroughly engrossing. With its elements of intrigue and espionage as well as its unique alternate take on the origins of the flying saucer phenomenon, this DVD is worth the patience it demands to draw out each and every drop of tantalizing possibility. 90 min. A must see for everyone.

From the boxcover:
History books and the mass media have lied to us for over 50 years to cover up the true nature of the UFO phenomena. Aerospace writer, William R. Lyne, who had a Top Secret clearance in Air Force Intelligence, says we need not look to space for the origins of flying saucers. Residing in New Mexico for over 30 years, Lyne has seen several formations of flying saucers and has concluded that the UFO crash at Roswell was an elaborate government disinformation hoax meant to convince the American public that these objects are interplanetary... when in fact they are manufactured right here on earth!
Revelations made in shocking video include the facts:
- That German scientists developed a series of circular and boomerang shaped craft, based upon the research of electrical genius Nikola Tesla, and flew them during the 1930s and 40s.
- That the Germans may even have had a "flying submarine" that was witnessed and reported throughout Europe and was capable of reaching high velocity.
- That after the war over 1000 Nazi scientists and engineers were allowed into this country to continue working on the Anti-Gravity and Free Energy programs that had begun with the financial backing of the Nazi regime.
- That the US continues to keep the flying saucer phenomena shrouded in mystery for their own unsavory purposes, while they continue to foster the idea that there are "aliens among us!"
During this 90-minute presentation the viewer will see the actual parts of what Lyne claims is a US developed UFO based on combined Tesla and Nazi technology.

ed2k: Nazi.UFOs.-.How.They.Fly.-.The.German.Tesla.Anti-Gravity.And.Free.Energy.Program....Lyne).(2004).avi  [595.06 Mb] [Stats]

Also be sure to read 2 Lyne's amazing books, Pentagon Aliens and Occult ether physics:
ed2k: Lyne.-.Pentagon.Aliens.3rd.Edn.(1999).(biggest.expose.of.UFO-aliens.hoax.ever).pdf  [9.15 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Lyne-Occult.ether.physics-Tesla'  [1.39 Mb] [Stats]

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