Hominoids-20 Million Years of Suppressed History(aliens&

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Hominoids-20 Million Years of Suppressed History(aliens&

Postby red_gonzo on Thu May 11, 2006 3:44 pm

This is Lloyd Pye's amazing video lecture Hominoids - 20 Million Years of Suppressed History (2005) where this independent researcher presents the results of his lifetime quest to find the true origins of human species. The origin of life, particularly human life, is one of today’s most intensely debated subjects. Ironically, that debate has only two socially acceptable sides: Darwinism and Creationism. Darwinists support the detailed observations and speculations of a brilliant naturalist, while Creationists support the various interpreters of the Bible’s scriptural teachings. Despite the passion and intellect exhibited by both sides as they defend their positions, millions of people remain unconvinced by the arguments of either. For those individuals, it is time to present a viable, comprehensive, third option: Rationalism, which is the formation of ideas and opinions based on evidence and reasoning rather than on secular authority or divine revelation. Pye argues how a possible alien intervention might have resulted in a sharp 'evolutionary' jump which ultimately resulted in what we call humans. Do we really stam from apes and similar creatures or are they a completely separate species and have little or even no relation to us whatsoever? While resemblance seems obvious at first sight (especially after years of indoctrination that humans came from apes), the vast difference is not only present in the way we look outside but how we are structured inside, especially on the genetic level. Presented at the Sasquatch Conference 2005, Pye's fascinating lecture will surely be of interest to anyone brave enough to willing to face the newest research and a different interpretation of evidence it has produced. Are we really just apes who somehow greatly increased our own intelligence despite the fact it wasn't necessary for survival (otherwise all other apes would be extinct by now), in the process of doing so gained over 4000(!) genetic disorders and have some functions simply degraded comparing to other animals. Was this really natural evolution or was someone playing with our genes? Today scientists all around the world are doing exactly that, why couldn't it be so in the past? Can the riddle of our origins be answered by an outside intervention of highly developed civilization which decided to use the genetic base (apes) and transform it to humans? See and decide for yourself. 90 min. long. A must see for everyone.

About the author:
Lloyd Pye is an author, researcher, and lecturer in the file of alternative knowledge. He is author of books Everything You Know Is Wrong and Mismatch. He calls on over 30 years of experience to write and speak about the origins of life, human origins, hominoids (bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, and others), and the work of Zecharia Sitchin, author of The 12th Planet. This broad base of knowledge makes him one of the world's leading proponents of the Intervention theory of origins, which stands in sharp contrast to Darwinism, Creationism, and Intelligent Design.

Video specs:
Run time: 1 hour, 29 minutes
Video codec: divx5, 689 kbps, 352x256, 30 fps
Audio codec: mp3, 64 kbps, 48 kHz, mono, cbr
Source: DVD (4:3, NTSC)

ed2k: Hominoids.-.20.Million.Years.of.Suppressed.History.(proof.of.alien.intervention).....Pye).(2005).avi  [487.77 Mb] [Stats]

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