Intellectual Property - why P2P is under attack

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Intellectual Property - why P2P is under attack

Postby <insert> on Thu May 18, 2006 4:43 pm

perceptionsforest wrote:Intellectual Property: a Lecture by Jorge Cortell
Two screenshots from the lecture

In this lecture given by Jorge Cortell to the Norwegian UNIX Users Group (NUUG) on the 17th of November, 2005, Mr. Cortell discusses the idea of intellectual property and how - at it's core - it is simultaneously absurd, prohibitive to human progress, socially suicidal and simply a ham-fisted grab for money and power.

Jorge Cortell-Albert taught Intellectual Property Law and eCommerce for the Multimedia Internet Applications Masters Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) before he was fired due to pressure from corporate media interests. Jorge is also an active lecturer and researcher focusing on the interplay of business, technology, and intellectual property law, and the impact that interplay has on consumers and politics.


Spanish Copyright Society Hounds University Teacher Out of Job
by Cory Doctorow
May 20, 2005

I just got an email from my friend Jorge Cortell, a copyfighter and academic in Spain, whom I met at the Creative Commons España launch this year.

Jorge teaches "Intellectual Property" in the Masters program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia UPV. He proposed to give a talk on the benefits of P2P and talk about the law relating to P2P and copyright in Spain. He proposed to demo what sort of legal uses one could make of copyrighted works from P2P networks, and informed the Spanish collecting society, the national police and the attorney general to let them know what he was up to.

They responded by leaning on the Dean, who cancelled Jorge's venue. Jorge booked another venue, and the Dean cancelled it. So Jorge moved his talk to the cafeteria, and delivered a five hour session to a packed house.

On May 4, the Dean ordered the director of Jorge's program to demand his resignation, which he tendered. The Vice-Dean then added insult to injury by issuing a statement saying that Jorge had never taught at the university (!), in a surreal, Stalinist purge (Jorge has taught at the University for five years).

This is a shameful act of censorship and a betrayal of the principles of academic freedom. It's a national shame that Spain's powerful collecting societies can simply order the termination of any university teacher who teaches things that displease them.

The PDF linked through this image is 6.5 MB and is the source for all of the large text photos in this post.








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Special Notes
Big, big thanks to Boerta for finding this one. We discussed this a little by PM, and I think we both agree that the issue and the idea behind P2P is far more important than most people realize, so I hope everyone (especially P2P site admins and mods) will have a look at this and spread it out as far and as wide as everyone cares to post it. Toward that end, anyone reading this has my permission to borrow or modify the text and photos in this post.

What's at stake is much more than the freedom to watch or listen to copies of music or video. If you love P2P, the freedom to openly discuss ideas, even the freedom to whistle your favorite song while driving your car, now's the time to stand up for those freedoms because - as ludicrous as it sounds - corporate power is likely to try to make you pay cash money for all of that. At the same time, the "Corporatocracy" is surely committing suicide by imposing such harsh restrictions and fines over the most mundane aspects of contemporary life, and it's narrow-sighted pursuit of profit over individual choice will certainly drag us all down with it. That is, unless we do something to stop it.

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