Cutting Edge - The Nuclear Comeback

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Cutting Edge - The Nuclear Comeback

Postby <insert> on Sat Feb 09, 2008 9:08 pm

The Nuclear Comeback

Science, Sociopolitical, War Documentary published by Others broadcasted as part of SBS Cutting Edge series in 2007 - English narration



Nuclear power currently supplies 16 per cent of the world's energy. For the remainder, we rely heavily on the burning of fossil fuels. In Australia, 80 per cent of its electricity comes from the burning of coal alone. Nuclear power, however, has significant environmental benefits. It produces radically low levels of carbon emissions and suddenly, in the face of climate change, the view on nuclear power is being explored and welcomed more and more.

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Technical Specs

* Filesize.....: 378,523,756 bytes
* Runtime......: 53:12.840 (79821 frames)
* Video Codec..: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
* Video Bitrate: 948 kbps
* Aspect Ratio.: 720x400
* Framerate....: 25.000 fps
* B-VOP/NVOP...: /
* QPel/GMC.....: /
* Audio Codec..: mp4a: MPEG-1
* Audio Bitrate: ? kbps 2ch 48000Hz
* Language.....: English
* Subtitles....: None


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2) ed2k Links
ed2k: Cutting.Edge.-.The.Nuclear.Comeback.SBS.15-01-08.mp4  [360.99 Mb] [Stats]

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Cutting Edge - The Nuclear Comeback SBS 15-01-08.torrent
Cutting Edge - The Nuclear Comeback SBS 15-01-08.torrent
Cutting Edge - The Nuclear Comeback SBS 15-01-08.torrent

It's a video in mp4 format - played ok with vlc player,


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