ADHD-Epidemic or Fraud(attention-deficit hyperactivity disor

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ADHD-Epidemic or Fraud(attention-deficit hyperactivity disor

Postby red_gonzo on Fri Mar 06, 2009 9:11 am

This is Fred A. Baughman's shocking video documentary ADHD - Epidemic or Fraud (1998) which exposes attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder as being an invention of "modern" psychiatry financed by farmaceutical cartels in order to maximize their profits. It is comprised of video footage from the National Institutes of Health, Consensus Conference on ADHD, November 16-18, 1998. Baughman’s video presentation at the conference "ADHD: A Total 100% Fraud" is a powerful indictment of the medical malpractice in drugging children with Ritalin, popularly administered with no concern for its life-long damaging effects. Possibly the most chilling moment in this compelling documentary occurs when a mother - almost triumphantly - announces that her own two children are under drug control. One wonders what early parenting errors and oversights secured their eventual candidacy for chemical correction. As a participant in the conference, Dr. Baughman was charging, openly, and without rebuttal, that ADHD is "a total, 100% fraud." The conference lastly concluded with a confession that there was no proof that ADHD was a real disease at all. This fascinating video enables the viewer to understand the elements of the fraud that is ADHD with all of "biological psychiatry" and to see the perpetrators/criminals themselves. Find out how diseases can simply be invented out of thin air in order big farmaceutical cartels can stash a great deal of money from parents who later wonder what has happened to their once normal children. 60 min. A must see for everyone. More info:

ed2k: ADHD.-.Epidemic.or.Fraud.(attention-deficit.hyperactivity.disorder)(1998).mp4  [165.24 Mb] [Stats]

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