History Channel: UFOs - Then and Now? (2000) (asf) (TVrip)

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History Channel: UFOs - Then and Now? (2000) (asf) (TVrip)

Postby spudthedestroyer on Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:41 am

greenphantom wrote:Image

From ancient cave paintings to the ongoing efforts to make first contact, this is an authoritative history of UFO sightings.

* Examine prehistoric paintings some say are evidence of alien encounters.

* Hear from eyewitnesses to some of the history's most publicized UFO sightings.

* Meet the scientists leading the search for extraterrestrial life.

Are strange prehistoric images the earliest recorded "evidence" of UFO sightings? What is the truth about Area 51? And where do the stories of alleged abductees fit into the UFO puzzle? UFOS: THEN AND NOW is a must-have set that chronicles the complete UFO experience on four videos:

Episode 1: The Innocent Years--A look at the UFO story in the years before Roswell.

Episode 2: Cause for Alarm--Relive the most dramatic UFO encounters of the 20th century, including the fantastic Washington, D.C. sightings during 1952.

Episode 3: Nightmare--Alleged abductees recall their encounters while scientists and psychologists examine their claims.

Episode 4: Aliens and Contact--Join the members of SETI as they man a giant radio telescope searching for signs of intelligent life in the universe.

Thanks to Peter45!

TVRip, ASF format, 320x240, TVRip, 200 minutes total


UFO's Then And Now - 1 - The Innocent Years_HIS.asf
UFO's Then And Now - 2 - CauseForAlarm_HIS.asf
UFO's Then And Now - 3 - Nightmare_HIS.asf
UFO's Then And Now - 4 - Aliens And Contact_HIS.asf

greenphantom wrote:More screen caps:






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