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X-men (2000) (1080i)

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:53 am
by astronaut


All over the planet, unusual children are born with an added twist to their genetic code. This "X-factor" allows the children to perform extraordinary feats - flight, telekinetics, laser beams from the eyes and more. One Dr. Charles Xavier gathers the children to a place where he can train them to use their powers for themselves and the forces of good he dubs these children his X-men and hijinks ensue.



ed2k: X.MEN.1.HDTV.1080I.DTS.FANXY%40SILU.disk1.ts  [4.30 Gb] [Stats]
ed2k: X.MEN.1.HDTV.1080I.DTS.FANXY%40SILU.disk2.ts  [4.02 Gb] [Stats]

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