Ridley Scott confirms "The Foreverwar" as next pic

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Ridley Scott confirms "The Foreverwar" as next pic

Postby Jynks on Mon Oct 20, 2008 11:52 am

Well as you may know I have been a bit down recently with the total lock of interestng stuff coming out in scifi. Sure there are a few titles I know of that seam to be interesting. Many of witch are remakes.

AVATAR - Camron, BATTLE ANGEL ALITA- Camron, BARBARELLA -Robert Rodriguez, Akira - Stephen Spielberg, FANTASTIC VOYAGE - Roland Emmerich. Also Logans run and Brave New world.. but i do not know the directors.

So we have a few movies, a few big name directors and some pretty decent scifi? Well mabey, mabey not.,. the point is that even with a few like this we are not really excited are we?

Well how about this one!!!
The Forever War - Ridley Scott

He has just confirmed himself as taking this over the Lenardo De-Caprio version Brave New World. Instead he is going to do teh Forever War.l

I strongly sugest anyone who hasn't read this book to do so now.. it is a giant in exploritive scifi. This movie if done right could end up like 2001 as mindblowing cinima.

The basic idea is that there is an interstella war, but the effects of faster than light travel is not solved, so the time dialations of the travelers is as it would be in real world physics. This means that the warriors are in fact immortal in a way, outside space time fighting a war that was started millions of years before there ships get out of warp. The "war ships" are in fact a cross secton sampeling of life from all stages of evolution. Some from "now" some from a billion years in the future. All mixed up on this wierd ship heading out to the edge of the galaxy.

This could seriously be one of the best movies ever.. I am so excited.

Yea i know... it wil prob be crap.. but hey at least there is a film i am thinking of.
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