Prometheus, Aliens, and Predators

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Prometheus, Aliens, and Predators

Postby rollerskate on Thu May 31, 2012 10:26 pm

In preparation for the new movie "Prometheus", I wrote up what I thought of all the previous Alien movies. I also included my thoughts on the AvP movies, and the Predator movies. Be warned, however, I do talk about the endings of the older movies, but not about the more recent movie, Predators.
[url] ... -predators[/url]

Here's my bottom line, however. I like both franchises, but I think it was a mistake to put them together with the AvP movies. And the franchise owners (Fox) agreed. That's why they greenlit the movie Predators (which has no Aliens in it) and the new movie Prometheus, which doesn't have any Predators in it.

Prometheus will be a prequel to the first Alien movie, also directed by Ridley Scott. I've heard that it might not really be a strait up prequel, that it might change the universe a little bit...but I'm still looking forward to it.

Take a read and see what you think. Happy Aliens...
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