Help Needed ID Movie 70/80's

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Help Needed ID Movie 70/80's

Postby meka-nek on Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:13 pm

Hi guys seek your help.
Im searching for a movie from the 80's maybe 70's .
I was less than 10 years old when I saw this, so I'll be probably be of on some details.

The only scenes/ clues I can remember are:
The setting is an apocalyptic world.
The bad guys at least 1 of them wear(s) a plastic or glass seethrough mask.(sort of like in point blank)
The bad guys drive motor bikes, buggy etc,
The good guys hide/move in an (fortified)schoolbus.
Which gets attacked at some point this scene takes place in a riverbed with some jungle to the sides, From which shot bad guys fall.

The end I believe is on a cliff ridge or dam or some big structure, The main character and the girl ride a bike.
I mean to recall that the last lines are something like the good die young/ to young to die or something in that way.
The music is like most of the 80's alike rock/metal/(eg bonjovi,reo speedwagon, whitesnake but cheesier)

Would love to see it once more after all these years.

oh yes I am aware of the existence of IMDB. But no succes yet.

Maybe you have any clues what i'm babbling about?

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