Rules - Read Before Posting

Quality VCD and DVDr rips only please. Namely from a non-screener DVD source. Please state any re-encoding methods, particulary for DVDr

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Rules - Read Before Posting

Postby spudthedestroyer on Mon Apr 19, 2004 7:54 am

  • Verified releases only here please!
  • The perfect title is something along the lines of:
    Movie Title (Year) (Format)
    ie. Braindead (1992) (DVDr)
    If there's some important info you think needs mentioning in the topic, add it after the year. But in preference, it looks neater if you stick to this format.
  • VCD/DVD-r forum is for quality DVD movies. TS/TC or poor quality pirate sources are not suitable for this section and should go in the unverified/screener section.
  • No need for REL: tags
  • In topic title don't use upper case
  • Remember to post an IMDB link, and if you can a little plot summary and poster from neatens the posts up.
  • This ones quite important, I think it might be worth mentioning whether something is cut or not. I know horror fans always look for the gorriest bloodbath they can get their hands on
  • Please try and post the original filenames (best respect you can show to the ripper) and ensure that the rip your posting hasn't already been posted.

Thx, for posting.

spudthedestroyer wrote:IMDB:
Please include this at the very least. Many films, horror films especially, go under different names in different regions, therefore including an IMDB is a must to clarify your release/link. Please include this in every topic.

Rip information:
Very important information, so people know exactly what to expect.
The best tool to give you the information is called gspot, and is very simple to use. Download it using the following link ... etit&lid=5

Not needed, but makes your topic pleasing to the eye. Movie posters can normally be found on:
and some others can be found at:
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