On The Beach (2000)

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On The Beach (2000)

Postby Valentine Michael Smith on Mon Nov 27, 2006 3:00 am

I Don't know which forum to post this in. It's a very good quality TV movie, but suffers from occasional pixilating. Probably due to noise during downloading. Less "soapy" than the original (still a lot of soap opera) but still the same powerful story.


Plot Summary:

Well, the world has finally managed to blow itself up. Only Australia has been spared from nuclear destruction and a gigantic wave of radiation is floating in on the breezes. Only 2 months are left. One American sub located in the Pacific has survived and is met with disdain by the Australians when it arrives. All of the calculations of Australia's most renowned scientist (Bryan Brown) says the country is at doomsday - get ready. However, one of his rivals say that is incorrect. He believes that a 1000 people can be relocated into the northern hemisphere, where his assumptions indicate the radiation levels may be lower. The American Captain (Armand Assante) is asked to take a mission to the north to determine which scientist is right (and along the way check out the devastation in Alaska & California - seemingly all bodies and vehicles were disintegrated). However, before the mission, all kinds of bland soap opera relationships are played out. Brown & his ex-fiancee (Rachel Ward) battle it out in a love-hate relationship. Meanwhile she also takes a liking to Assante, who is divided in his loyalties to his men and his love for his now-dead wife and children.

ed2k: On%20the%20beach[2000]%20cd1.avi  [698.98 Mb] [Stats]

ed2k: On%20the%20beach[2000]%20cd2.avi  [703.68 Mb] [Stats]

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Postby MyK on Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:30 am

This is quite a good remake of a 1959 flick and one of better Hallmark productions. Recommended. The best IMO was "Arabian Nights" and this one doesn't fall much shorter. Thanks for the links!

Nice review: http://www.culturevulture.net/Television/OntheBeach.htm

And some pics:
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