Doco - The Way of the Flesh

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Doco - The Way of the Flesh

Postby Jynks on Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:50 am

For those that do not know his work, Adam Curtis, imo produces some of the best doco's on politics I havce ever seen. His work comes of very clear and dose not seam to be to bias.

Check out these if you do not know him. There are others posted on that fourm from this guy but they are torrents and may not be avalioable any more...

The Power of Nightmares @ mvgroup
The Century of Self @ mvgroup


I am looking for the doco called The Way of the Flesh. It isn't a politicval one this time, it is instead about Henrietta_Lacks. Also known as the woman who will never die. A woman that died from cancer and her body was used in medical experiments. Producing a cell culture called "HeLa cells". Through years of medical experiments and continual cell division. Her cells, responsioble for many break thoughs in medical science, now can live by there own means and exist outside lab conditions.

Some believe that Lacks's case is an example of evolution, in which a complex multicellular organism has evolved into a simple, self-replicating, single-cellular entity, capable of surviving outside cell cultures and contaminating laboratory benches. Some researchers have argued that these cells be recognised as a separate species. In support of this, Leigh Van Valen and Virginia Maiorana proposed HeLa cells be given the binomial name Helacyton gartleri.

If anyone has this doco or can cap it from TV... I would be very interested in seeing iit.

The title is:
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