Deyo-Cosmic Conspiracy(flying saucers&fake alien invasion of

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Deyo-Cosmic Conspiracy(flying saucers&fake alien invasion of

Postby red_gonzo on Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:55 pm

This is Stan Deyo's mindblowing book The Cosmic Conspiracy - Millennium Edition (1998) which unearths secret manmade flying saucer projects and how the underworld goverment (New World Order) plans to use them to create the false messiah scenario of a fake alien invasion that would make events such as 9-11 pale by comparison. For 20 years, this book has been sold "under the counter" in America. The official resistance to the ideas and facts contained inside was huge. The first part tells about the author's discovery of a new method of aircraft propulsion using ionized plasma gases over a circular craft in 1970 and his subsequent recruitment by an ultra-secret, international research and development organization to finish his propulsion research in Australia. It discusses the 'conspiracy' behind the US Government, United Nations, United States of Europe, the coming Arab Confederation and the Club of Rome to establish a new, global, political power to dominate the peoples of Earth. A mathematical and 'lay' language explanation of the error in Einstein's relativistic limits to traveling faster than light's speed is also given in detail with illustrations. Photostats of key documents which substantiate the assertions are added in the appendices. As part of this discussion, a unique, scientific approach to the truth of the "Face on Mars" issue is given. A more plausible and practical explanation for the event (sans alien culture) and technology is developed. Many people seem to be entranced by the popular hypothesis that the face is a sign of an ancient, technologically advanced, Martian civilization which even pre-dated mankind itself. This edition warns of the use of this whole "face on Mars" farce as a softening item for the public announcement of alien cultures here on earth in our immediate future. The updated millenium edition also includes the secrets of the Great Seal of America which appears to be the latter day "Babylon" spoken of in Biblical prophecies. Loaded with facts, backed by sources, articles and associates you could contact or read yourself to support the authors integrity. The Cosmic Conspiracy unearths rare documentary evidence on top-secret 'flying saucer' research projects in England, America, Canada and the USSR, weather warfare bans between the 'super powers', a 4000-year glimpse into the history of the 'llluminati' planetary alignments and solar energy variations, suppression of Nikola Tesla's major energy inventions, secret codes hidden in the Great Seal of America by the llluminati, 'Project Noah's Ark' and its real purpose, a revised look at the Biblical history of Earth, current events and ancient prophecies, the coming global dictatorship under a Club of Rome model, theory discussions on electrogravitic propulsion systems - and much more. 235 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

ed2k: Deyo.-.The.Cosmic.Conspiracy.(manmade.flying.saucers.and.upcoming.fake.alien.inva...arth).(1998).pdf  [18.05 Mb] [Stats]

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