Help me find 2 old movies I don't know names of

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Help me find 2 old movies I don't know names of

Postby elanor rigby on Thu Jul 28, 2005 6:12 pm

I remember seeing these on TV way back in the 70's. I need help finding them. Hopefully they'll sound familiar to someone out there! Smile I remember very little about either one of them.

1. This could be a B&W flick from the 60's but not sure. I am reasonably sure it's older than 1975 but probably not older than the mid 50's. In one scene of the movie (likely near the end but I'm not certain) a man is stranded on some rocky looking planet holding a small black box (about 10" cube). The box has a small horn (not an animal horn but like a horn of a trumpet) sticking out one side. The bell of the horn is probably about 6" in diameter. Then suddenly he's in some big library like room with thousands of similar boxes on the shelves. I think the idea is that these boxes transport you from one time/place to another.

2. This is most likely a made for TV 70's movie. A man and his family are living in a house in the desert southwest USA. At some point in the movie there is some sort of time/space vortex thing outside the house. I remember some sort of glowing pyramid thing. I also remember them either trying to get into the vortex or avoid it. Not sure which.

Well, like I said, hopefully that's enough for someone to recognize these. Thanks for reading.
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